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From the grill to the decorative stairs

All kinds of welding services and metal products for home, garden and leisure!

For more than 5 years, SIA “ARDIA” has been offering high-quality masterpieces - grills, smokehouses, ovens and other custom-made welding products. The masterpieces are not only popular in the local market, but also have long been delivered to Germany, Ireland, Norway and other countries around the world.

The goal of the company is to offer our customers carefully thought-out, long-lasting and multifunctional products. Each product is produced individually and it is not a mechanized job.


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At the beginning of our operation, we offered our customers what we felt was a daily necessity that served as a grill, but over time, with increasing customer requirements and meeting them, the original grill was modernized to improve not only grilling but also drying and smoking. so that you can also cook jam or soup in the country kitchen at the same time. Fireplaces, smokehouses and "garden kitchens" were added to the product list.

Customers, appreciating our work, in the past years invited and entrusted the realization of individual orders, such as outdoor showers, balcony and stair railings, kitchen equipment, house stairs, basketball basket stands, rose "wall", various shelves and other welding products. Bath and sauna stoves are also very popular amongst our clients.

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